Event & Party Services

Flowers set the tone of your event. They bring it to life with all of their beauty and beautiful designs. CHERYL'S FLOWERS wants to provide exactly that for you through our flowers. We have a keen eye for detail and will make sure everything is exactly how you've pictured. Your flowers will tell your event's story.

Bridal & Baby Showers »

When you think of flowers, don't just think about using them at your wedding or sending them. Flowers make wonderful decor and centerpieces at a baby or bridal shower. CHERYL'S FLOWERS will go above and beyond when creating beautiful flowers that will set the tone of a wonderful shower.

Adorable baby shower flowers or colorful wedding shower arrangements are a definite must. They truly set the tone of your shower and create a great setting. Whatever shower theme you are going for, we'll make…

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Holiday Parties »

When your planning your next holiday party, you tend to focus on party decorations and the food. However, don't forget that flowers make wonderful statements at your party as well and CHERYL'S FLOWERS can't wait to start designing your next flower arrangements and centerpieces.

If you are having a simple holiday party, a few beautiful themed table arrangements will be great. However, if you are hosting a more elegant holiday party, choose from gorgeous table centerpieces and arrangements to…

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Galas »

When hosting an event or gala, many elements represent the theme and tone. What does this include? Your food, decor, lighting and definitely the flowers truly display the style of your event. CHERYL'S FLOWERS wants to understand your event completely to make your flowers everything you want, and more.

Your gala or special events are decorated with beautiful lights, candles and flowers. Your flowers are seen throughout the venue. Table centerpieces and arrangements set the tone of your event.…

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